Areas we Support:
  • Youth Sports
  • Education
  • Health


Areas we do not support:
  • International projects
  • Anti-free market organizations
  • Operating expenses
  • Special interest groups


Who Should Apply

The Yuill Family Foundation prioritizes philanthropic efforts located in Medicine Hat, Southern Alberta, Western Canada, and Canada.

Applications are accepted from organizations holding a Charitable Registration Number issued by Canada Revenue Agency.

When to Apply

Donation applications will be reviewed throughout the year.

Normally, donations will be finalized two to three months after completed application is received. Applicants will be notified then of the decision to approve the donation request.

What Types of Projects are Considered?

The Directors of The Yuill Family Foundation determine donation criteria on an annual basis. Currently, projects relating to three specific areas: health, physical education and youth with projects located in Medicine Hat, Alberta – Western Canada and the country of Canada will be considered. Typically capital projects are given priority over funding for operations.

In assessing applications, the Foundation looks at organizations that show a fiscal plan and have committed board governance. Applicants must demonstrate how their initiative will benefit the community and how the project will be funded beyond the donation from the Yuill Family Foundation.

Final Reporting and Recognition

  • A formal Donation Agreement will be signed by each successful applicant.
  • There is an expectation that successful applicants will provide agreed-upon public recognition to the Foundation.
  • A Final Report is required from all successful applicants as outlined in the Agreement